I am an empathetic visionary who eats, sleeps, and breathes everything social.

I graduated from Arizona State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. My areas of concentration were Business and Mass Communications and my coursework consisted of management, marketing, public relations, visual communication, mass media analysis, and the study of family and interpersonal relationships.

I am a tried and true Xennial and was lucky enough to start my career during the infancy of social media. I had a Facebook when a college email was required. Livejournal was a thing and I customized the HTML to any profile that would let me. I thought I stood out from the rest of the youngins by selecting D’Yer M’Ker by Led Zeppelin as my profile song. I also convinced my boss in 2007 to make a Myspace account for the University of Phoenix Stadium (home of the Arizona Cardinals and now known as State Farm Stadium.) 

I was able to work and cover the following AWESOME events:

  • Rolling Stones in 2006
  • Fiesta Bowl in 2007
  • Super Bowl XLII in 2008
  • Every Arizona Cardinals game from 2006-2009

The next few chapters were just as amazing. From 2009-2021, I had the pleasure of working for Republic Media (AZCentral.com), Kitchen Sink Studios, Universal Technical Insitute, and Garrett Walker Homes. 

In 2021, I started a one-man band marketing agency, At Me Creative, where I am able to work on awesome branding, social media, and website projects in my downtime.

When I am not jammin’ through social at my 9-5, or tackling a friend’s logo, I am obsessed with watching ASMR YouTube videos and enjoy creating Spotify playlists for any mood possible. I love to shop for and curate mid-century modern treasures. If I can make you laugh, my day has been made. I also love spending time with my co-worker/fur-baby, Fitz.

What do you call a sad gangster?


I'm Hairy Fitzgerald. diana's roommate & business partner.